Nov 23 2022

Supporting Women in Business

With a focused commitment to advancing the growth of women in business.

We’re working hard to introduce new and exciting initiatives that aim to help women looking to launch a new micro business, home-based business or who are already operating an established business.

Why are we doing this?

We asked our women’s business community to describe how we could help them build their business, what questions they need answers to most to succeed, and what were the most challenging aspects of their business journey to date.

Below is a snapshot of some of the things that came back:

  •  How can I best handle children and business simultaneously?
  • How to grow a business and manage my family simultaneously?
  • How do I let my husband know I’ll need his support?
  • Finding time between family and business?
  • How to establish an equal opportunity or playing field in today’s market space?
  • How to catch up with every aspect of business, especially after having a baby?
  • How to be taken seriously in business?
  • The lack of a support network built by women for women
  • How to cope with the fear of failure, and how best to overcome it?
  • Women in business are different from men in business, so we need different tools for
  • Where to access help for women in business?
  • How to start a small business from home, and what do I need to make it a success?

So based on the above information, our team are currently setting up new partnership programs that will allow women in business to hear from Australia’s leading female business entrepreneurs, uncovering what makes them succeed, where they come from and explores the challenges and real-life experiences, which took them to where they are today.

This new program will also connect with leading educational and government institutions to share knowledge and support while accessing information about upcoming events and services available to assist in setting up and growing their business.

In overview, the project has been established to support women at all stages of their business journey and lifecycle.

Because we believe in celebrating the real stories of women in business, their goals and dreams, and sharing the successes and challenges they face during the journey.


The program will be made available to help women throughout Australia develop better and more sustainable, and profitable small businesses by offering:


  • 24/7 online access to topics and courses that can be mixed and matched to suit their individual needs and industries
  • Access to business events covering many topics. You’ll also be able to find events in your local area and register your attendance.
  • Visions and insights from Australia’s leading entrepreneurs so you can learn from their experiences to help make your business successful.
  •  A free and personal Business Concierge dedicated to helping you grow and manage many aspects of your business
  • You’ll gain access to their free business grant finder through your membership with Business Australia.
  • A ‘How to guide’ of overcoming the disadvantages faced in getting access to finance and support services to help grow your next startup.
  • A personal introduction to Australia’s leading business banking contacts who’ll help with the setup of banking apps, practicable banking solutions and the support when they’ll need during the initial startup phase
  • Access to a national network of local business specialists within each of the communities they serve
  • The most up-to-date digital applications for business, how to access them, and how to implement them into their business model
  • Discounted accounting and bookkeeping packages so that they can get a complete view of their business performance in real-time and right from their dashboard, including connections to their bank accounts, snap and sort receipts and expenses functionality whilst tracking profit and loss with a simple click of a button.
  • A team of digital experts to help create and develop apps and platforms to power that next big idea that will take the world by storm.
  • And many more additional resources and services.


Designed by women, for women!


The benefits of this newly created program is that it’s flexible enough to choose what you want to learn when you want to learn it and what groups you want to connect with. It aims to help you reach your business goals by providing essential tools and learning programs whilst fostering trusted connections with like-minded women.

In addition to the above and as a Namecorp community member, you’ll also receive all the amazing free stuff and value adds we have to offer, including:

  •  A free, professionally designed website.
  •  Access 24/7 professional help and guidance for all aspects of your business with your personal business concierge.
  • Free sales, marketing, and budget planner template to help plan for success.
  • Access free professional legal documents to help cover your business needs.
  • Access to Business Australia’s free Business Grant Finder with advice and tools to help you apply for Government Grant funding.
  • Plus much more


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